US FDA report finds economic forces at the root of generic antibiotic shortages

Generic antibiotics underpin recommended prescribing guidance for most infections, accounting for between 80% and 90% of prescriptions in primary healthcare worldwide. However, increasing costs and in...

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The new reality for next-gen antibiotics

The future of antibiotic development lies in targeted approaches that can deliver novel drugs tailored to tackle those highly resistant pathogens with greatest medical need. The world of antibacte...

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Putting the brakes on AMR in India

India’s ban on colistin in the animal food industry marks a critical move against AMR in the country; one that should go hand in hand with a stringent crackdown on inappropriate use in human medicin...

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Overcoming Access Barriers to Antibiotics

Somewhat perversely, antibiotic overuse exists side-by-side with lack of access to such medicines in today’s world. While we are aware of the consequences of drug-resistant bacterial infections, it...

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Creating new antimicrobial drugs will require governments working with industry

As the number of infections resistant to antimicrobial drugs continues to rise around the world, and with it their huge human and financial toll, we urgently need new ways to preserve the effectivenes...

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By 2050, superbugs may cost the economy $100 trillion

This oped was first published in the Antimicrobial Resistance campaign in the Guardian on 12 November 2018. ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE Evidence suggests superbugs could cost the global economy up to 3....

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Drugs companies are rising to the challenges of research into superbugs

This letter was first published on the Financial Times on 4th July 2018, in response to the article titled "Pharma sector failing to tackle superbugs, says O’Neill" (26th June 2018) I respectful...

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Accelerating the development and delivery of new innovations for a TB-free world

Before the World Economic Forum, Davos’ first claim to fame was as a haven for wealthy tuberculosis sufferers in the 1800s and 1900s: the rarefied air of the Magic Mountain, as Thomas Mann dubbed it...

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A Frightening Reality

From a sustainable antibiotics perspective, 2018 is not wasting time getting to the point. The new year has kicked off with tremendous momentum in the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR), wit...

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Antimicrobial resistance is a growing health challenge

This blog was first published on NJToday on 5 February 2018. The growing global public health challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) cannot be understated.  By 2050, it is a predicted to acco...

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Partnering to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance

This blog was first published on the author's LinkedIn page on 1 February 2018. Last week I had the chance to join in conversations on the current and future burden of antimicrobial resistance (AM...

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Less talk, more action needed to avoid superbugs silent tsunami

This blog was first published on The Nation on 31 January 2018. On a TripAdvisor Bangkok forum Gary asks “Can I purchase antibiotics (in Thailand) without a prescription if I run out?”. rove...

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Pulling Together To Thwart A Silent Killer

This blog was first published on Life Science Leader on 22 January 2018 As we start 2018, those of us in the healthcare sector are anticipating greater progress in global health. Without a doubt, h...

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Stand and deliver – practical steps to stop antibiotic resistance

This blog was first published on Life Science Leader and Pharma Times on 14 November 2017. It is rapidly becoming the world’s biggest killer. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is on course to overta...

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Defining standards & measures for AMR is the need of the hour

According to one of the report issued by some of the stakeholders last year, antibiotic industry or ingredient manufacturers were responsible for an estimated amount of 30,000-70,000 tons of anti-micr...

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Unlikely bedfellows join to track efforts to fight superbugs

This blog was first published in thePharmaLetter on 30 May 2017. In January 2016, more than 100 companies and industry associations had signed a Declaration on Combatting Antimicrobial Resistanc...

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B20 message to G20 – Health drives solutions built on collaboration and pro-innovation ecosystems

This blog was first published on G20 – The Hamburg Summit in July 2017 (Produced in association with the G7 and G20 Research Group at the University of Toronto) The fact that “health” has en...

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