Anand is co-founder and CEO of Bugworks, an Indo-USA pharma start-up, one of a handful of companies working on developing novel classes of antibiotics to tackle the global problem posed by multi-drug resistant bacterial superbugs. The company’s lead asset, entering clinical development during Q2 2021, is a novel dual target inhibitor with excellent potency against the entire list of WHO critical, high and medium threat pathogens. The company has won many national and international innovation awards including the Best start-up in India (2015), Economic Times Top Innovator award (2017), first company outside North America and Europe to win the coveted CARB-X grant, and has been featured in the CB-InSights 2019 list of top 36 global start-ups. Bugworks has prominently featured on leading global platforms including the BBC, Wellcome Trust, UNCTAD, CDC and Forbes.

Anand was previously co-founder and Managing Director, Cellworks, a company specializing in personalized oncotherapy, using mathematical modelling frameworks. He is also the Co-founder of the India semiconductor association (IESA), Vice-President & Member of Executive committee of India Biotech association (ABLE), member of Eta-Kappa-Nu and Tau-Beta-Pi International Engineering honours societies, member of the board of AMR Industry Alliance and member of the India advisory council of GARDP.