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19/01/2018 - In Intellectual Property Watch by Catherine Saez

Antimicrobial Resistance The “Scariest” Public Health Issue, Needs Financial R&D Incentives, Industry Says

On the eve of the annual January World Health Organization Executive Board meeting, an alliance of pharmaceutical industries launched its first report on efforts made to curb antimicrobial resistance....

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18/01/2018 - In CIDRAP by Chris Dall

Report tracks industry progress on drug resistance

A report today from an international association of life sciences companies suggests that the private sector is making progress in meeting its commitment to help solve the antimicrobial resistance (AM...

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18/01/2018 - In Devex by Molly Anders

Funding outlook shifts in fight against antimicrobial resistance

LONDON — Twenty-two research-based biopharmaceutical companies — including AstraZenica, GlaxoSmithKline and Merck — invested more than $2 billion in research and development to counter an...

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