Dr. Boumediene Soufi is a biotechnologist by training, specializing in the field of microbial quantitative proteomics. He holds the position of Global Head Antimicrobial Resistance at Sandoz, the largest provider of generic antibiotic medicines globally. The program focuses on combatting this unprecedented global health threat in collaboration with multi-sectoral partners.

Boumediene joined Sandoz in 2015 and has held progressively senior positions focusing on sustainable efficiency, digital innovation, and leading the entire end-to end Sandoz anti-infectives portfolio pipeline ensuring that patients worldwide have access to the right medicine at the right time. His passion and motivation for combatting AMR is rooted in his extensive scientific experience, particularly studying complex bacteria and their resistance mechanisms. He combines this with a strong commercial understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and the role of appropriate incentives in shaping effective public health policy. Boumediene firmly believes that a strong wide-ranging public-private collaboration effort focused on innovation, proper antibiotic use through strong stewardship efforts, robust surveillance processes, and improved access to quality affordable medicines are keys to winning the fight against AMR.