AMR Industry Alliance 2020 report 

Successes and setbacks in fighting superbugs

The 2020 edition of the AMR Industry Alliance report provides a unique snapshot of the life sciences industry’s collective efforts and leadership in delivering on their global commitments and action to tackle this rise of antimicrobial resistance in the areas of research and science, access, appropriate use, and environmental manufacturing. Alliance member companies were surveyed and submitted data in 2019 quantifying their efforts on AMR relating to 15 commitments.

  • The Alliance has taken a leadership role in responsible manufacturing of antibiotics, establishing an industry standard for reducing potential environmental risks from antibiotics production (the Common Antibiotic Manufacturing Framework and the list of predicted no-effect concentrations).
  • Eighty-four percent of relevant companies are engaged in late-stage R&D, or have at least one AMR-relevant product/platform in clinical development. Eighty percent of members with commercial products declare having access strategies in place.
  • Next steps include sharing R&D information to support innovation and surveillance data to track resistance, deploying diagnostics and vaccines in support of improved appropriate use and working with health authorities to tackle antibiotic shortages.

In her foreword, Professor Dame Sally Davies, U.K. Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance and co-convener of the UN Interagency Coordination Group (IACG) on AMR, reminds the world that “The battle against the growing challenge of AMR may well be won or lost in the next decade. Hence, finding ways to accelerate R&D investment, expand access to quality-assured antimicrobials and vaccines, and promote novel diagnostic tools and technologies as a means of cutting unnecessary use is of utmost importance.”

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The AMR Industry Alliance was established in 2017. Representing a diverse coalition of biotechnology, diagnostics, generics, and large research-based biopharmaceutical companies and associations, the Alliance drives progress on AMR by the life sciences industry. With approximately 100 companies and trade associations from 20 countries, it covers nearly one third of the global antibiotic supply and the majority of novel products.

The consultancy SustainAbility compiled the results for this report.

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