AMR Industry Alliance Antibiotic Discharge Targets

The AMR Industry Alliance brings together over 100 biotech, diagnostic, generic and research-based pharmaceutical companies around the shared goal of curbing antimicrobial resistance in the world. Alliance companies are committed to contribute to and measure their efforts in fighting AMR across 4 key areas: research, appropriate use, access and manufacturing and the environment.

Earlier in 2018, AMR Alliance generic and research-based pharmaceutical companies agreed on a framework that promotes responsible antibiotic manufacturing. Last week, these companies took a further step by publishing the first list of discharge targets to guide environmental risk assessments for the manufacture of antibiotics. This publication is an important step in the journey as companies work toward achieving these target values.

The AMR Industry Alliance believes working toward achieving these antibiotic discharge concentration targets will be both protective of ecological resources and also lower the potential for the evolution and selection of AMR in the environment. It is important to note that these values are recommended based on currently available information, thus, may change as new reliable and relevant information generated to recognized protocols comes to light.

An effective way to manage antibiotic discharge from all sources requires a multi-stakeholder collaboration. We are aligned in our intent to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to bring our industry knowledge to finding a sustainable solution. The Alliance companies will continue to take action and share their experiences to reduce environmental impact from the production of antibiotics.

Peer-reviewed article: Science‐based targets for antibiotics in receiving waters from pharmaceutical manufacturing operations