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uniting to act on antimicrobial resistance
The AMR Industry Alliance is one of the largest private sector coalitions set up to provide sustainable solutions to curb antimicrobial resistance, with over 100 biotech, diagnostics, generics and research-based pharmaceutical companies and associations joining forces. read more 2023 stewardship prize

We drive and measure the life-sciences industry progress to curb antimicrobial resistance in four different areas:

Invest in R&D to meet public health needs with new innovative diagnostics & treatments
Improve access to high-quality antibiotics and ensuring that new ones are available to all
Work to reduce the development of antimicrobial resistance
Support measures to reduce environmental impact from production of antibiotics

shared goals

We are uniting efforts to reduce the development of antimicrobial resistance, invest in R&D to meet public health needs and improve access to antibiotics, vaccines and diagnostics.

progress report

Despite the ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic, the AMR Industry Alliance’s 2021 Progress Report captures efforts made by the life sciences industry to fight AMR across several domains: research and science, access, appropriate use, and manufacturing. The third iteration of this biannual report captures progress made by Alliance members between July 2019 and March 2021. Find out more below.

in action

Our case studies provide snap-shots from across the life-sciences industry, share information on the tangible steps we are taking to invest in new research to develop new antibiotics and vaccines, prevent infection, and improve appropriate use of antibiotics.

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AMR Industry Alliance Opens Applications for 2023 Stewardship Prize

The AMR Industry Alliance is pleased to announce that is now accepting applications for its annual Stewardship Prize. The Stewardship Prize is an initiative to identify and recognize innovative approaches to combatting antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in low-to-moderate-income countries

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AMR Certification: Recognising Responsibly in Antibiotic Manufacture

Following the recent launch of the BSI’s AMR certification, EPR invited Steve Brooks from the AMR Industry Alliance and BSI’s Courtney Soulsby to elucidate its significance for antibiotic manufact...

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New AMR Certification Launched for Antibiotic Manufacturers

  Following publication of the Antibiotic Manufacturing Standard in 2022 to help overcome AMR, antibiotic manufacturers can now verify their actions through a new certification.   This...

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AMR Impact

Life-sciences at the forefront of the battle against AMR

Development of National Action Plans




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Posted on 18/11/2020
By Dr Ron Daniels

Antimicrobial Resistance and the Burden of Sepsis

Sepsis is a devastating condition resulting from a dysregulated immune system response to infection, which can lead to organ failure and death. Each year, sepsis affects close to 50 million people globally, of whom more than 40% are children under age 5 particularly in low- and middle-income countri...

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