Founding documents

The Industry Declaration

In January 2016, the life-sciences industry signed a Declaration on Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance at the World Economic Forum,

the Roadmap

Followed by a Roadmap of several big pharma at the UN High-Level Meeting in September 2016 – a common framework of principles for global measures to curb the development of antibiotic resistance.

AMR Industry Alliance

The “AMR Industry Alliance”, launched in May 2017, now links these two initiatives together and ensures that the signatories collectively deliver on the commitments made.

The Declaration

When published in January 2016, the Declaration had been signed by 85 companies and nine industry associations from across the global pharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotechnology industries. As of […], a total of […] companies and […] industry associations in […] countries have added their signatures to it.

The Declaration remains a living document. To become a signatory of the Declaration, please contact