AMR Industry Alliance Launches New Report on Role of Diagnostics in National Action Plans

Geneva – April 30, 2024 – A new report from the AMR Industry Alliance examines the role of diagnostics in national action plans (NAPs) and highlighting successful examples integrating and implementing diagnostics into NAPs in LMICs to combat AMR.

Based on a review of the Global Database for Tracking Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) Country Self-Assessment Survey (TrACSS) from 2022 for countries with NAPs approved by the country’s government that include operational plans, financial provisions, and monitoring and evaluation plans, cross-referenced with the WHO Library of NAPs, and the Global Health Security Index, the Alliance reviewed individual NAPs for their inclusion of diagnostics, as well as their level of detail. After identifying countries which significantly incorporated diagnostics in their NAPs, successful projects incorporating diagnostics were identified in these countries.

The report contains case studies from Tanzania, Ghana, India, and Pakistan based on interviews with in-country teams. The report also provides recommendations for including diagnostics in NAPs

  • Diagnostics form the basis of good stewardship and should be included in any national action plan.
  • Political commitment is necessary to ensure follow through.
  • Real world experience can provide valuable lessons for success.
  • Leveraging engagement in non-governmental sectors is crucial to supporting implementation.
  • Further investment in diagnostics in LMICs is necessary to effect valuable change in good stewardship practices.
date 29/04/2024