Case Study

BD – “Resistance Fighter” Awareness and Mobilization Campaign

Company BD, United States
Sub category of Industry Diagnostics
Category of commitment Appropriate Use
Which product(s) Diagnostics
Key focus Education, Promotion, Stakeholder engagement
Key partners of the program Academia & think tanks, Global stakeholders i.e. WHO, access initiatives, international NGOs, Local stakeholders (e.g. patient groups, NGOs), NGOs
Geographic focus Canada, China, Japan, Turkey, United States

Health needs

This campaign addresses the need to raise global awareness about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the important roles that everyone plays in the fight against its spread. This campaign targets all who are involved in the care continuum, including infectious disease specialists, primary care physicians, pharmacists, microbiologists, infection control practitioners, and patients.

Initiative’s objective

This communication and coalition-building campaign will raise awareness of AMR and mobilize clinicians, laboratorians and patients to take personal responsibility for combating AMR. This open-architecture campaign will seek to harness the contributions of professional societies, non-profits, government bodies, academia and more, to develop and communicate real-life AMR experiences and testimonials.

Initiative’s description

This program was established in late 2017, as a result of BD’s commitment to raising awareness of AMR across a broad audience. The aim was to develop a global campaign that speaks to everyone involved in the fight against AMR. As a result, this campaign can be “branded” by any organization that seeks to share their experience as a “Resistance Fighter.”

Messaging is being deployed through multiple channels including digital and print media and professional meetings. The campaign was previewed at the Berlin Call to Action Event in October 2017 and the US Congressional AMR Awareness Fair in November 2017. BD is currently partnering with a broad range of key organizations to engage with this campaign.


This program is designed for a global audience, with the opportunity to tailor messaging to different geographies, settings and roles.

Lessons for success

As this program was just launched recently, lessons for success are yet emerging at this time. However, we do believe that it is important to develop these awareness campaigns with a very broad group of AMR stakeholders. Also, to gain adoption globally, the messages need to be customizable to allow organizations to maximize its utility to them and their target audiences.